So I went out this morning with a couple other teachers. We went to the Avenues, which is that wonderfully happy mall I told you about a couple (3?) weeks ago.

Let me tell you why this mall is even more amazing than I first thought. In addition to having at least 4 starbucks, it has this:

I literally did a happy dance in the mall.

I literally did a happy dance in the mall.

In case you are blind (or American–totally kidding, btw.) , that is Tim Hortons. I did a happy dance in the mall. Like for serious. I thought I was excited when i found a starbucks? no. Now, if I fail at teaching, like it sometimes seems like I might, I have a back up career right here! Or a weekend job. Whatever.

The question is: How come I can get this (see picture below) in Kuwait, but not South Carolina? that is a problem.

Happy day!!! Finally got my iced capp with Chocolate milk.

Happy day!!! Finally got my iced capp with Chocolate milk.

Anyway, the avenues is my new favorite place. OK, I loved it before. And I still think I like the beach more. But yes.

(And I did OD on caffeine today. because I have seriously cut back on my caffeine intake. But I had mountain dew for breakfast, and then I got a large Iced capp. Actually, that explains the migraine I have now. Hmmmmmm. That’s interesting).

Anyway. And yesterday, i went out for breakfast, to this place that was cute and adorable, called Over Easy. Or something like that. I don’t remember. Because it was early. But dear southerners, come visit me. ย You can get biscuits and gravy here.

Here’s proof:

Yep. That says biscuits and gravy. Dear Southerners, come visit me. I'll take you out for breakfast.

Yep. That says biscuits and gravy. Dear Southerners, come visit me. I’ll take you out for breakfast.

What else did I do today? it’s been a busy day. I worked in my classroom for 5 hours. Then I went to the Old Souq and the Fabric Souq with another teacher (I needed fabric for my book corner). Old Souq is like this incredibly huge, overwhelming marketplace. You can get everything from a freshly slaughtered sheep to fish, to beads, to real gold, to clothes and trinkets, and anything else you can imagine. I got a few souveniers for people. Some clothes–a really nice shirt for $4ish Canadian. The prices range from quite cheap to super-expensive. Like I got this really nice hand-woven basket for 1.5 KD, but then I found this dress I liked and it was 17 KD. (1 KD is about $3.6 Canadian). It depends on the vendors. And, if you’re Arabic, you can get away with arguing prices a lot. Us Westerners really can’t. It’s basically insane, people everywhere, all kinds of things to see, hear, and smell. An experience I can’t put into a blog–you’ll have to come visit and I’ll take you.

We stopped and ate at this Iranian restaurant. Had traditional Iranian food. I tend to be very wary when it comes to putting stuff in my mouth. But there wasn’t anything on the menu I recognized, so I got Heather (the other teacher) to order and I decided I had no choice but to trust her. It actually wasn’t that bad ๐Ÿ™‚


In the front is sheep meat and hummus (with hand-made tortillas–not pictured), a chicken thing (that was really spicy), and a salad–not sure what the leaves were, but they were quite strong.

IMG_1888Saw this mosque on the way to the Old Souq–casually built in the middle of the round-about. Yep.

Anyway. It’s late, and I really need to lesson plan. Tomorrow. So I’m going to bed. Good night all!

And comment if you have things you want me to write about. I’m really bad with coming up with stuff. So yeah. What do you want to know?