Not much to tell. Just an excuse to share adorable pictures of my kids at our field trip to Kidzania ( Basically it’s this amazing city built that’s child sized (inside that epic mall I told you about in previous posts). But it’s a 2-story city with so many different activities for kids to do. They can get driver’s liscences, ride a fire truck, make burgers or pizza, bottle water, earn money as delivery people, paint houses, etc. etc. etc. I’d say more, but you could just look at the pictures.

Waiting in line at the fire station


working at Burger King: IMG_2491 IMG_2492  Learning to Bottle Water at Auqafina

IMG_2494 building a wallIMG_2498 IMG_2499 About to do some painting…IMG_2502 Remind me never to hire 4&5 year olds to paint my house….

working as a paramedic!  IMG_2506 IMG_2508 IMG_2512 My half of the class (the other half was with my assistant

IMG_2516 my kids love selfies 😀IMG_2519 ready to head home… after an awesome day 🙂