This past week was International Week at school. Each class chose a country and learned all about that country. My class chose Japan (Mostly because my TA had previously done this country and had a lot of decorations and activities all ready). It was a busy, crazy, stressful week of preparation. But we all had fun and everyone learned some cool things about Japan. On Thursday, the different classes visited other “countries” and also hosted some countries to share what they had learned  about their own country. My class visited Italy and India. Kids all came dressed in costumes from their country, we ate food from the country, then had all the parents come to our classroom to share our presentation (Talk about high stress!)  But then children all went home 2 hours early and I got to work in peace in my classroom on my paper that was due this weekend. Presentations went well, children remembered (most) of their lines, Parents were (almost) all happy and excited. It was a good day.

IMG_3672 Yeah. I dyed my hair for this. IMG_3356 IMG_3358IMG_3359

My classroom looked amazing!


Introducing Origami


Counting in Japanese


My little Japanese-Kuwaiti kids! Love them so much 😀